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We highly recommend our own personal driver. His name is Hadi and he is very friendly.

His english is limited so we recommend him as a driver only and not a tour guide.


Small Car Rates

Start at 300K per day / 500K longer days

Large Car Rates

Start at 500K per day / upcharge for longer trips

For a tour guide we recommend Hadi who is very friendly and very knowledgable of all the great places to visit in Bali.



Please keep in mind when you do tours and visit areas that require an admission fee - this is a fee that you pay.

We always recommend to offer the driver a drink or to eat lunch with you. You will soon see that you will become family to them and treated with respect and a happy smile.


* Women cannot enter any temples if they are menstruating.

* When entering temples women & men must be wearing

the correct clothing covering your legs and arms.

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