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Sandikala is the beautiful time at the end of the day, as the sun sets in a blaze of glorious orange and lights the sky with glowing colours of orange, purple and salmon pink. The light is soft and the colours are reflected on the surface of the ocean as the sun sets.

Family and friends gather and perform the evening rituals, and prayers to give thanks for the day and ensure that the island is at peace as night approaches.

Sandikala Villa, on the edge of the village of Cemagi, in south west Bali, is our home and our place of refuge where we come to relax, unwind and escape the noise and stress of city life in Bangkok. The villa is a large three bedroomed property, surrounded by beautiful rice fields and about 400 meters from the beach. The house has floor to ceiling window panels that all open onto a large garden and pool with views across the rice terraces and out to the ocean.

Dawn walks on deserted beaches are to die for with the sun coming up in a blaze of glorious colours over the rice fields and bathing the beaches and surf in that beautiful golden light that is so special. There is no traffic noise just the sound of the wind rustling the bamboo, and surf breaking on the beaches. When darkness falls the night sky is filled with stars and we can lay back in the garden and plot the constellations in the warm evening air.

The gorgeous techni-colour Bali sunsets can be viewed from our second floor deck or by walking down to the beach and watching the sun sink into the ocean behind the sea temple built out in the sea on  cape of volcanic rock.

The villa comprises two large double bedroom suites upstairs and a third bedroom suite on the ground floor. The upper floor bedrooms can be opened to cooling breezes and views over the rice terraces in the afternoons when the light is soft and the heat has gone out of the day.

Relaxing in the tub whilst looking out over the rice terraces through huge picture windows is a wonderful way to chill.

We hope you enjoy our home as much as we do. Tom & Yeni 

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